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Well, it's less than two months to publication date for "Heart of Stone" and I'm very excited to announce two items:

First, the "book launch," as it were, is planned for October 7, 2023 at the Collingswood Book Festival in -- you guessed it -- Collingswood, New Jersey. The event runs from 10 AM - 4 PM that Saturday and should be a lot of fun, with plenty of other exhibitors to browse for book lovers of all kinds. You can get more details on the event at This is my first dip into direct marketing, so should prove interesting. Feel free to stop by and chat!

Second, the audiobook sounds -- argh, bad pun -- like it's in good hands and progressing well, with a release date of September 7, 2023 planned to coincide with the formal publication date of the paperback copy. I really like the narrator Tantor Books has provided and can't wait to hear the final version!

This is all new and strange to me, and I appreciate all the enthusiasm and support I've received from all quarters: friends, family, my fellow writers and, of course, the folks at Woodhall Press. I worked hard to make "Heart of Stone" a fun, exciting and engaging read, and am thrilled that our heroine Kyra's "birthday" is nearly here!

Meanwhile, I'm keeping very busy, plotting out and writing the second book in The Medusa Chronicles series, as well as taking a stab at a stand-alone urban fantasy book featuring a police detective trying to solve a baffling murder mystery in the moonlight-drenched streets of Seattle...

Just remember to take Kyra's advice...

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