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A Really Cool Website For Readers

A couple of months ago, I was approached by Ben Fox of, a website that aims to help readers find the best books that are out there, by getting authors to create lists of their own favorite books. He asked me to contribute something. I really liked this idea so I created a themed list of five books that I feel share something of the same spirit that animates "Heart of Stone;," that is, the blending of the real and the mythical. I encourage everyone to give this website a look-see; it is so hard nowadays to sift through all the books that are available to find the ones you want to spend your time and money on, and I think this is a grand and original idea to help with that decision-making process.

My list was just published today. You can view it at but here is the custom image they prepared based on my five books, which looks really neat. Each of these books is a real treat, and shouldn't be missed.

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