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She's On The Loose!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

At long last, Kyra's first adventure is out there! "Heart of Stone" finally reached its official publication date this week, on September 5th, and I couldn't be happier with the roll-out. The paperback, produced by the good people at Woodhall Press, looks terrific. Early sales have exceeded my expectations -- so, thank you, one and all (you know who you are, #Team Kyra... ;) ).

The audiobook from Tantor, narrated with just the right blend of smart, snarky and seductive tones by the wonderful Jen Jayden, is also available for download on all the major online retail sites, including Amazon (of course). It really takes the story to a different level. What a joy to hear Kyra brought to life in that way. Thanks, Jen!

And "Heart of Stone" received a very favorable review this week on Booktrib's website, saying that it "stands on the shoulders of `The Lightning Thief.'" High praise indeed.

I won't shamelessly quote the review too much -- the whole article can be found at the link below -- but these comments were particularly gratifying and very much appreciated:

"a fun combination of classic fantasy and new ideas"

"a riveting triumph of urban fantasy"

"Heart of Stone is not only the perfect read for fantasy fans waiting for their favorite authors to pen the next entries in other series, but a great novel in its own right."

Okay, maybe that was a little shameless. Judge for yourself by going to:

As always, thanks to my readers! You make this possible. I hope you enjoy reading about Kyra as much as I enjoy writing about her.


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